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Android APK (sideloading). beamsee.apk
# sha256 beamsee.apk
SHA256 (beamsee.apk) = 6907b5c17bdc8998fd16e28b1f4db0bc59dab7725514e323077ed2ec0390839a

Android Sources (Kotlin): irides.tar.xz
# sha256 irides.tar.xz
SHA256 (irides.tar.xz) = ba463a279def6d9f99b9fc2023a3241a57aaa794dcfe42eab27ab73d6bab3711

Web Site Sources (PHP/HTML): www.tar.gz
# sha256 www.tar.gz
SHA256 (www.tar.gz) = 0514ea7c4cb38eecdcd8186f75577af864f0fbfd08ac8f18b0b1b1f6de4a802b

The web site requires libsodium.js. clone the repo into the web directory that has index.html. You do not need to compile to use with Beamsee.

If you have any questions or feedback about Beamsee please contact Waitman Gobble