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Beamsee is an Open Source app to send text from your Android Mobile Device to a web browser on your computer. When you scan the 2d barcode it reads a unique random public key, which is used to encrypt your text and send it back to the browser. The data is decrypted in the browser. The public key and encrypted data is stored in RAM memory on the server until it is retrieved. Once retrieved it is deleted. There is also a time limit of 120 seconds to retrieve the data before it is destroyed. The private key which is used to decrypt the data is generated in the browser and is never on the server.

Example use case 1: You are working on a remote desktop for a client and you need to put the 128 character key that is in the email on your phone into software you are installing on the remote desktop. Instead of installing a chat program, typing the 128 characters or accessing your webmail on the remote system, you can open a browser and go to, paste the key into the app on your phone, and scan the 2d barcode. The 128 character key appears in the browser within seconds. You copy the key from the web page and paste it into the software you are installing.

Example use case 2: You are in an internet cafe and want to check a financial account. You have a long convoluted password stored in your password manager program on your phone. Instead of typing it in you can open a browser tab to, copy the password in your password manager and paste it into the entry field in the Beamsee app, then scan the 2d barcode. The password appears on the browser page where you can copy and paste it into your account login.

In the Beamsee for Android App, Type your text on the yellow bar in the middle of the display and press the SCAN button. Scan the barcode on the browser display. Your text is encrypted with a single-use asymmetric key and sent to your browser, where it is decrypted and displayed. Your text is never in the clear on the server.

This software is open source. You can browser the source code here: Beamsee Source Code

Beamsee uses the Sodium library by Daniel J. Bernstein, Tanja Lange, Peter Schwabe. This cryptographic library has been compiled into a webassembly module by Ahmad Ben Mrad, Frank Denis and Ryan Lester

If you have any questions or feedback about Beamsee please contact Waitman Gobble